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Anthrocorp Consulting

Empowering People to Soar

We, at Anthrocorp Consulting believe that the best Strategies, Practices and Technologies are just as good as the people implementing them.

Anthrocorp indicates “Humans in the Corporate World”. Our vision is to empower people and enable them to bring out their best as individuals, team members and leaders.

Our suite of service offerings is customized to cater to every need from personal to professional growth.

Meet Latika Raina

Founder of Anthrocorp Consulting

Latika has been a part of the corporate world for over two decades. Having started her career in Human Resources, her connection with people started very early. After spending early years strengthening her foundation in HR, Latika was happily sucked into the IT world where she spent over a decade undertaking consulting assignments to streamline business processes for various clients worldwide. As she traveled across the globe, her experiences across Projects, People, and Customer Management Initiatives unfolded into either successful or failed deliveries, and invariably every time it linked back to one foundational aspect – People. From highly successful projects run on shoestring budgets to miserably failed max attention implementations and the little disappointments and joys and wonderful relations built in between, Latika has been there, done that! All this further reinforced her belief that what matters most is to take care of people, everything else is incidental.

Latika has lived and worked in over 7 countries in Europe, North America, and APAC with over 10 global brands. Her experience spans across multiple industries and functions including Banking, Government, Manufacturing, and Distribution. Latika holds certifications in Project Management, Scaled Agile, Soft Skills Training, and years of people and customer handling skills.

As the Founder of Anthrocorp, Latika brings to you collective learnings of experts gained over the years in customized packages so you don’t have to spend time or make mistakes experimenting on yourself. Anthrocorp Consulting will empower you to take care of Yourself, Your People, and Your Business.

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